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You might say the business weather today for tradeshow companies is cloudy with a chance for financial rainmaking. Cloud computing β€” the business of manipulating, sharing, storing and backing up documents and data through remote computer servers β€”is becoming a major tool for the tradeshow industry. Continue reading ‘Cloud Technologies Are Financial Rainmakers For Tradeshows: Find Out How’ »

For many consumers, cloud computing has gone from something completely unknown to an interesting solution for portability problems within the span of the last few years. Industry conferences and trade shows such as Cloud Expo allow those on the cutting edge of development to display and discuss innovative ways to use and improve the technology. Cloud Expo 2012 East took place in New York City on June 11 – 14. It was held in tandem to the new Big Data Expo, spotlighting the interconnectivity of cloud computing and sound use of big data. Storage Expo was held in Brussels this March, and also covered cloud and data issues. Another Cloud Expo is scheduled for the Silicon Valley area in November 2012. Continue reading ‘Cloud Expo Reveals Industry Secret To Making The Most Of Cloud Storage’ »