Anyone who hasn’t noticed the dramatic increase in mobile devices these past few years is likely living under a rock. It’s no secret that sales numbers of stationary desktop computers is on the decline, and sales of tablets are on the rise. The reason for this is a combination of the convenience of mobile devices, and access to data when on the go.

4G really does change everything

While the mobile revolution did start before the introduction of 4G wireless internet, 4G has changed the picture entirely. Wireless used to be synonymous with slow and unreliable. But the speeds 4G internet has to offer is starting to rival speeds a hardwired connection provides. For example, internet service providers used to only be available through hardwired connections like the phone line, or cable line from large corporations like Comcast, Verizon, AT&T, etc. All too often, a home is only connected to one of these companies and thus a consumer has no choice on how he or she obtains an internet connection. But because of the speeds 4G offers, there is now a new breed of internet service providers that offer wireless internet. Companies like offer speeds up to 6Mbps through their 4G service. Best of all, it’s not tied to your house, so you’re free to access the internet anywhere you’d like in your city. And with speeds like 6Mbps, tasks like surfing the internet and even online gaming are seamless.

Advantages of 4G vs. hardwired internet

The main advantages of having 4G internet as opposed to cable internet is not only convenience and mobility, but there is much less infrastructure costs associated with wireless internet. Think about neighborhoods that have many hundreds of houses, all sharing a single coax cable. The cost of laying and maintaining these lines are huge, and are ultimately reflected in your bill. But 4G requires much less infrastructure to build and maintain, and thus can usually offer superior speed for less money. Purely wireless internet service providers are just getting started with the introduction of 4G, and it’s fair to say that the speeds will continue to increase for many years to come.