Surfing the Internet on your phone is fine when you want a dinner reservation, but the smartphone experience is not the same as having your trusty laptop with you.  Whether you need to take your work with you to the park or just want the option of playing your favorite games while waiting at the doctor’s office, there are many advantages to investing in T-Mobile mobile broadband.  Prepare to enjoy all the benefits of having the full Internet with you, wherever you may roam.

The Wi-Fi experience is growing at a fast clip.  It’s become as standard as a telephone or television for most households and businesses.  If you love the ability to leave the phone line tether behind and access the Internet from anywhere in your home, imagine how cool it would be to have that same access at the park, the doctor’s office or your kid’s little league practice. Free Wi-Fi is becoming commonplace across the American landscape.  Large fast-food chains now offer free Wi-Fi, as well as hotels, cafes and even some grocery stores.  Unfortunately, that free Wi-Fi isn’t always available where you are.  With a mobile broadband service, you won’t have to search for a free service, agree to their terms and conditions and then wait for access.  Whether you are waiting for your child to come out of school, sitting in the doctor’s office or stuck in traffic, you can pull out your tablet or laptop and have access to the net.  Here are just a few of the benefits you can enjoy when you ditch the home connection and opt for T-Mobile mobile broadband.

  • Secure Connections – Get your service through random free Wi-Fi servers and everything you transmit can be viewed by others.  This poses a problem if you need to balance the checkbook or make a credit card payment.  Get your own connection, secure it and enjoy more privacy.
  • Consistent Software and Programming – Every time you sign on for someone else’s free Wi-Fi, you have to go through extra steps.  There are codes to enter, options to choose and the ever-present reminder that data transmitted won’t be secure.  Avoid the hassle and get on the web faster by investing in your own private connection.
  • Control the Internet at Home – Kids are talented when it comes to getting in trouble online.  If your kids are home by themselves for a few hours every day, mobile broadband becomes a fast and easy way to control whether they are on the Internet or not.  Simply take the device with you when you head out, and you won’t have to worry that they are finding things they shouldn’t on the Internet.
  • Travel – Hop in the car, head down the road and don’t worry about searching for free Wi-Fi.  With your own connection, you just have to be within range of a cell tower to enjoy the information, entertainment and social aspects of the Internet.

It’s amazing how dependent we have become on the Internet in just a few short years.  It was barely ten years ago when the Yellow Pages ruled if you wanted to look up a phone number.   You can now get online and find the number with ease.  In addition to quickly getting addresses and phone numbers when away from home, here are just a few of the other things you can do with your personal mobile broadband service.

  • Turn Work in on Time – Students and employees alike can get reports turned in on time, even if they are running behind and stuck in traffic.  You won’t have to wait until you get home or stumble upon a hotspot.  You can just turn on the computer and send the information, even if you are stuck in a long line at the drive-thru.
  • Update Your Blog – How many times does inspiration strike when you’re away from home?  Rather than scribbling it down on a napkin and waiting until you get home, you can make the blog post from your kid’s ball game or the local grocery store.
  • Send Emails – Receiving emails on your phone is fine, but responding to them is next to impossible.  Stay in touch more effectively by using your computer.  If you have mobile broadband, then you don’t even have to wait until you get home.
  • Be Entertained Anywhere – There are plenty of times when you are away from home and bored.  Whether it’s waiting for an appointment or picking up a friend, you may find yourself sitting around someplace wishing you had something to help pass the time.  With mobile broadband and your trusty tablet or laptop, you can have all the entertainment of the world at your fingertips.

The Internet is becoming a more important part of our lives every day.  Once a simple tool used to pass the time, it’s now an integral part of our lives.  Whether you want more information on caring for sick kids, finding the best prices or building a car from scratch, you can find the answers you need on the Internet.  With mobile broadband, you can take the full Internet everywhere you go.