OpenMP Tutorials

If you’re interested in learning about OpenMP to easily and effectively make your programs use multiple processors, then these tutorials should be able to help. OpenMP is an incredibly useful tool because of it’s simplicity and because of it’s overall effectiveness to parallelize select parts of your program.

  1. What is OpenMP. This is a brief introduction to OpenMP and why it’s a very useful way to parallelize your application.
  2. Getting started with OpenMP on Visual Studio. If you have Microsoft Visual Studio professional version or higher, then this tutorial will help you get started writing OpenMP applications.
  3. OpenMP Tutorial 1, the basics. This tutorial will help you get your feet wet and understand the basic principals of how OpenMP work.
  4. OpenMP Tutorial 2, parallel for loops. This tutorial will show you how you can use OpenMP to automatically parallelize some of the for loops in your program. This is essentially why OpenMP is so popular.