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Image processing doesn’t always have to do with scientific computing. Image processing techniques can easily be applied to create artistic filters capable of producing art that would be impossible or difficult for a human to recreate by hand. Previously, I wrote about an algorithm that can make an image look like an oil painting. In this article, I’ll be discussing an algorithm that can be used to roughly simulate what an image would look like if it were in stained glass. Continue reading ‘Stained Glass Algorithm’ »

Image warps and other distortions are significantly more complicated than simple image processing techniques such as convolution. This tutorial will cover how to twist an image in the center. This exact code can be modified to do twists or other types of image warps. Continue reading ‘Image twist and swirl algorithm’ »

Virtually all useful programs have some sort of loop in the code, whether it is a for, do, or while loop. This is especially true for all programs which take a significant amount of time to execute. Much of the time, different iterations of these loops have nothing to do with each other, therefore making these loops a prime target for parallelization. OpenMP effectively exploits these common program characteristics, so it is extremely easy to allow an OpenMP program to use multiple processors simply by adding a few lines of compiler directives into your source code. Continue reading ‘Tutorial – Parallel For Loops with OpenMP’ »

Welcome to my tutorial on the very basics of OpenMP. OpenMP is a powerful and easy tool which makes multi-threaded programming very easy. If you would like your program to run faster on dual, or quad core computers, then your project may be very well suited to OpenMP. Continue reading ‘OpenMP tutorial – the basics’ »

Welcome to my tutorial on how to get started with writing OpenMP applications in Visual Studio. First things first, OpenMP is not available for the express or standard versions of Microsoft Visual Studio. Therefore, you will need the professional version or higher if you want to use visual studio to develop OpenMP project. Continue reading ‘Getting started with OpenMP on Visual Studio’ »

Over half of all computers sold today have more than one processor. While most new computers have two CPUs, the percentage of computers with four CPUs is steadily increasing. This trend will continue to increase well into the future. This is where OpenMP steps in.

Continue reading ‘What is OpenMP?’ »