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Until now, we have only talked about synchronous, blocking communications in MPI. This tutorial will focus on Asynchronous, non-blocking communication with MPI. Asynchronous communication is often the key to achieving high performance computing with MPI applications. Using asynchronous communication has several advantages. Continue reading ‘MPI – Tutorial 5 – Asynchronous communication’ »

This tutorial will be discussing how different threads can communicate with each other. In the previous tutorial, each thread operated without any interaction or data dependency from other threads. However, most parallel algorithms require some amount of data to be communicated between threads. Continue reading ‘CUDA – Tutorial 3 – Thread Communication’ »

In our previous tutorial, Thread Communication with MPI, we covered the basics of how to send data between threads. However, in the previous tutorial, only integers were sent. However, sometimes large amounts of data need to be sent between threads.

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Welcome to the thread communication with MPI tutorial. If you’re new to MPI, I suggest you go back and read the previous tutorials first. Otherwise, continue on to learn basic thread communication with MPI!

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