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Welcome to my tutorial on how to get started with writing OpenMP applications in Visual Studio. First things first, OpenMP is not available for the express or standard versions of Microsoft Visual Studio. Therefore, you will need the professional version or higher if you want to use visual studio to develop OpenMP project. Continue reading ‘Getting started with OpenMP on Visual Studio’ »

There are two ways to go about debugging MPI applications using Microsoft Visual Studio. There’s the easy way, and the hard way. Unfortunately for many, the easy way is only available for the professional versions of Microsoft Visual Studio. If you right click on your project, select properties, select the debugging page, you can simply choose to use the MPI Cluster Debugger. If you don’t have a professional version of visual studio, don’t panic, you can still debug your applications.

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Hello, and welcome to the first tutorial in my MPI tutorial series! This tutorial will work fine for Visual Studio 2005 Express, Visual Studio 2005 Standard, Visual Studio 2008 Express, and Visual Studio 2008 Standard edition. Much of this tutorial can also be applied to the professional versions of Visual Studio, with some minor differences.

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