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The SSE instruction set can be a very useful tool in developing high performance applications. SSE, or Streaming SIMD Extensions, is particularly helpful when you need to perform the same instructions over and over again on different pieces of data. SSE vectors are 128-bits wide, and allow you to perform calculations for 4 different floating point numbers at the same time. SSE can also be configured to work on 2, 64-bit floating point numbers concurrently, 4, 32-bit integers, or even 16, 8-bit chars. Continue reading ‘Getting started with SSE programming’ »

MPI, or Message Passing Interface, is a library of functions for C,C++, and even Fortran. The purpose of this library is for you to easily create an application that fully utilizes multiple processors. Not only can you utilize multiple processors with MPI, but you can even run a single instance of a single application across multiple computers with MPI. Continue reading ‘What is MPI?’ »